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Locksmith Sylmar

Do you need professional key cutting services done on the spot? Locksmith Sylmar is your preferred choice, and we have a 24/7 emergency response team available 365 days a year. With cutting edge technology and pinpoint precision, we at Locksmith Sylmar can find a solution for every lock and security need. With just a brief description of the type of service needed, our bonded and insured technicians will handle the rest! With a lightning fast response time, Locksmith Sylmar understands that every second counts which is why we make our customers our top priority.

  • On-demand help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
  • 30 minute response time.
  • Fast service.
  • Reliability—If we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there.
  • Professional and certified assistance. There’s no lock we can’t open!
  • Friendly attitude, you’ll never be “just another lock” to us.
  • No extra surcharges or hidden fees!
  • Trustworthy- All our technicians must pass an annual background check, to guarantee a safe and reliable experience.
  • Affordable rates to fit any budget!
Locksmith Sylmar

Call or email Guardian Angel Locksmith in Sylmar today and we’ll get right to work!

Accidentally locked yourself out of your car? Don’t smash the window! Our certified technicians use specially made lock picking tools to safely pry open any door. No mess, no glass, no problem! Throughout the procedure, no damage is ever caused to your vehicle. Our tools include tension wrenches and slim jim devices to gain access quickly and efficiently. We also specialize in damaged vehicle door locks or trunk locks on the spot. All our techniques at Locksmith Sylmar are designed to get you back on the road in no time at all!

Locksmith Sylmar also services commercial buildings! Security solutions are always available and only 1 phone call away! Our associates can set up CCTV surveillance, install wireless outdoor security cameras, install high security locks, purchase safes or have your safes repaired or unlocked. Call us at (818) 652-5269 to learn more about any security camera system you might be interested in installing.

Unbeatable Locksmith Services in Sylmar with Over 1000+ Reviews!

Discover Sylmar's Top-Rated Locksmith with Over 1000+ Positive Reviews! Trust us to secure your home, business, or vehicle with our comprehensive range of services, including:

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Most frequent questions and answers

What types of intercom systems do you recommend for Sylmar gated communities?

ButterflyMX Intercoms are ideal for gated communities in Sylmar, offering residents secure and convenient communication along with access control features.

Can I integrate security cameras with access control systems in my Sylmar business?

Yes, we can seamlessly integrate security cameras with access control systems, providing comprehensive security solutions for businesses in Sylmar.

How do MUL-T-LOCK 800 High Security Locks enhance the safety of Sylmar homes?

MUL-T-LOCK 800 locks provide Sylmar homeowners with advanced security, offering resistance against common methods of manipulation.

Can I get a demonstration of your Doorbird Intercoms for my Sylmar residential property?

Yes, we can arrange a demonstration of Doorbird Intercoms, showcasing their communication and access control features for Sylmar residences.

What security measures do you recommend for Sylmar retail stores?

Our security solutions for retail stores in Sylmar include CCTV installation, high-security locks, and access control to ensure comprehensive protection.

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