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Medeco® Deadbolt

Medeco® Deadbolt



This lock is a high security lock, designed Medeco, who has been in business for over 60 years. Medeco’s patented lock design requires the angled cuts of a key to elevate and rotate the pins inside the lock in order for a side-bar to drop, allowing the cylinder to turn. The pins are uniquely chisel-tipped which allows them to be rotated by the angled cuts on the key and have a slot along the length of the pin from the sidebar to drop into once the pin has been rotated to its correct orientation. This design ensures no break-ins by bump key or lock picking.

The off-centre chisel tip also allows 2 different offsets to the pin. This makes the keyway very secure. In theory, the number of different key combinations is 2,176,782,336 (6 pins, 6 heights, 3 rotational positions, 2 offsets), which does not include consideration of different keyways. This flexibility makes Biaxial attractive to large masterkeyed institutions.


Medeco uses patented key control systems, including patents on the keys and the cylinder, to prevent unauthorized copies of keys from being generated.

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