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MUL T LOCK Grade 1 Deadbolt


Uncompromising Security for Your Home or Business

At Guardian Angel Lock & Security, we are proud to offer the MUL T LOCK 800 Grade 1 Deadbolt, a high-security solution designed to provide unparalleled protection for your doors. With its robust construction, advanced technology, and industry-leading certifications, the MUL T LOCK 800 Deadbolt offers peace of mind and ensures the safety of your property and loved ones.

Key Features and Benefits:

Grade 1 Security Rating:

The MUL T LOCK 800 Deadbolt is certified with a Grade 1 security rating, the highest level of security available. This signifies that the deadbolt meets stringent industry standards for resistance to forced entry, durability, and overall performance. With the MUL T LOCK 800, you can trust that your doors are fortified against intruders.

Patented High-Security Technology:

Equipped with MUL T LOCK’s patented technology, the 800 Deadbolt utilizes a unique pin design and telescopic sliding pins, providing enhanced resistance to picking, drilling, and bumping. The innovative locking mechanism ensures that unauthorized access attempts are thwarted, keeping your property secure.

Restricted Keyway System:

MUL T LOCK’s key control system ensures that only authorized individuals can duplicate keys. With the MUL T LOCK 800 Deadbolt, you have control over key duplication, preventing unauthorized copies from being made. This added security feature safeguards against unauthorized access to your property.

Robust Construction:

Crafted from premium-grade materials, the MUL T LOCK 800 Deadbolt is built to withstand the rigors of daily use and resist attacks. The solid steel construction, reinforced strike plate, and hardened steel bolts provide exceptional strength and durability, offering long-lasting protection for your doors.

Versatile Design Options:

The MUL T LOCK 800 Deadbolt is available in a range of finishes and styles, allowing you to choose the design that best complements your decor. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look, the MUL T LOCK 800 Deadbolt seamlessly integrates into any architectural style while providing top-level security.

Ease of Installation:

The MUL T LOCK 800 Deadbolt is designed for easy installation, making it an ideal choice for homeowners, businesses, and locksmith professionals. With its user-friendly installation process, you can quickly upgrade your existing door hardware and enhance your property’s security without hassle.

Trust MUL T LOCK for Uncompromising Security:

Investing in the MUL T LOCK 800 Grade 1 Deadbolt means investing in the highest level of security available. Benefit from its advanced technology, industry-leading certifications, and robust construction to safeguard your property against unauthorized access and intruders.

Choose MUL T LOCK and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have chosen a premium security solution trusted by homeowners, businesses, and institutions worldwide.

For more information about the MUL T LOCK 800 Grade 1 Deadbolt or to request a consultation, contact us today. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in selecting the right security solution for your needs.



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