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Mul-T-Lock® Interactive®+

The Mul-T-Lock® Interactive+ is one of the most commonly sold products when it comes to high security solutions. This reliable platform offers a unique, double locking mechanism, enhanced key control, and patented laser cut keys. One important thing to note is that the Interactive®+ platform has replaced the Interactive platform, which is no longer patent-protected (as of 2014).

If you currently have the Interactive technology we highly recommend upgrading to MT5®+ or Interactive®+. Guardian Angel Locksmith is an authorized dealer and professional installer of Mul-T-Lock® product.

Mul-T-Lock® Interactive®+

The design of the Mul-T-Lock® cylinders are state of the art and truly unrivaled. The Mul-T-Lock® Interactive®+ cylinders have a special telescopic pin tumbler mechanism with both internal and external pins. No other high security manufacturer does this. Both the internal and external shear lines must be aligned simultaneously in order for the cylinder plug to rotate.

The design of the Interactive®+ key is equally as impressive. The cylinder mechanism contains a spring-loaded, unique pin to produce a “virtual combination” that may only be acheived when the key, which contains a special patented floating disk is inserted in the lock.

  • Mul-T-Lock® Grade 1 – Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Mul-T-Lock® Grade 1 Hercular deadbolt is hands down the most versatile, and heavy duty deadbolt available. This isn’t your typical Home Depot or Lowes brand deadbolt; this is Mul-T-Lock® high-security, designed to keep intruders out with quality material and technology.

The Mul-T-Lock® Grade 1 deadbolt boasts a heavy duty drill and pick resistant cylinder, ball bearing deadbolt (to prevent kick-ins and crowbar attacks), and of course, the iconic laser cut keys.

  • Mul-T-Lock® Grade 1 – Double Cylinder Deadbolt

The Mul-T-Lock® Grade 1 double cylinder deadbolt is ideal for maximum security applications. When the bolt is thrown you need a key to either enter or exit the building.

Due to California Building Codes this type of deadbolt can only be used for specific purposes. For example, you would not be able to use this on a commercial exit door, where free egress is required. However, in many cases this function is highly desirable, and definitely recommended if you are seeking the highest level of security.

  • Mul-T-Lock® Grade 1 – Captive Deadbolt

The Mul-T-Lock® captive deadbolt functions as a hybrid of a single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolt (without the city and state codes to worry about).

The inside part of the Hecular incorporates two cylinders. When the user wants the Hercular to act as a Single Cylinder Deadbolt they will insert a special key with a thumbturn attached to it, into the central cylinder. There is a piece inside which locks the thumbturn into the lock itself. This way it will give the user the safety of being able exit the door without having to search for a key.

When the user would like to convert the Hercular into a Double Cylinder application, they will simply insert their normal key into the other cylinder on the inside portion of the Hercular, turn, and the thumbturn key will be removed. This will make the Hercular into a Double Cylinder Deadbolt, and give the user the security of Double Sided Locking.

  • Mul-T-Lock® Key Authorization Cards

Mul-T-Lock® implements strict key control procedures to protect against unauthorized key duplication. All Mul-T-Lock® cylinders come with a card that is necessary for key duplication. The proper name for this item is a Mul-T-Lock® “Key Order Card”. This is an authorization card that resembles a credit card in appearance, and serves the purpose of proving that you are authorized to obtain duplicate keys. Anyone attempting to make keys without possession of this Key Order Card will be refused. So you can rest assured that Mul-T-Lock® high security protection covers all the bases – offering strength, durability, superior pick and drill resistance and ultimate key control with every cylinder.

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