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MUL T LOCK MT5+ High-Security Platform


Uncompromising Security for Your Doors

At Guardian Angel Lock & Security, we are proud to offer the MUL T LOCK MT5+ High-Security platform, a cutting-edge locking solution designed to provide maximum protection for your doors. With its innovative technology, advanced features, and renowned reputation, the MT5+ cylinder offers superior security and peace of mind.


Key Features and Benefits:


Patented Technology:

The MUL T LOCK MT5+ platform is equipped with patented technology, setting it apart from conventional lock cylinders. Its unique pin design and telescopic pin technology provide enhanced resistance against picking, drilling, and bumping, ensuring a high level of security for your doors.

Key Control and Protection:

With the MT5+ system, key control is paramount. MUL T LOCK employs strict key control measures, ensuring that keys cannot be duplicated without proper authorization. This prevents unauthorized key copies and protects against unauthorized access to your property.

Restricted Keyway:

The MT5+ features a restricted keyway, meaning only authorized individuals can obtain key blanks. This added level of security reduces the risk of unauthorized key duplication, providing you with peace of mind that your keys are secure.

Enhanced Master Keying:

The MT5+ system offers a versatile and secure master keying capability, allowing you to create a hierarchy of access levels. Whether you have a single door or a complex multi-level system, the MT5+ platform provides flexible and controlled access for different user groups.

Drill and Pick Resistance:

The MT5+ cylinder is engineered to withstand drilling and picking attempts. It features hardened steel inserts and a reinforced bar, making it highly resistant to common break-in techniques. With the MT5+, you can trust that your doors are protected against forced entry.

Versatile Compatibility:

The MT5+ cylinder is compatible with a wide range of door types and hardware. Whether you need a cylinder for residential, commercial, or institutional applications, MUL T LOCK provides various options to meet your specific requirements.

Trust MUL T LOCK for Uncompromising Security:

The MUL T LOCK MT5+ High-Security Cylinder offers advanced technology, superior resistance to attacks, and unmatched key control measures. By choosing the MT5+ system, you are investing in the highest level of security for your doors.

Choose MUL T LOCK and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is protected by a trusted, industry-leading brand.

For more information about the MUL T LOCK MT5+ High-Security Cylinder or to request a consultation, contact us today. Our team of security experts is ready to assist you in selecting the right locking solution for your needs.



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