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***NEW*** Mul-T-Lock TECHNOLOGY!

We are so excited to have the most recent technology from Mul-T-Lock!

This state-of-the-art high security machine is 1 out of 150 in the United States… It would be an understatement to say that Guardian Angel Locksmith is fully capable to equip you with the most advanced, and secure locking solutions!

This new level of security offers the following:

1. Interacting Alpha spring at the tip of the key to engage a unique, additional rear cylinder pin.
2. A side locking bar with five finger pins to allow for millions of key combinations.
3. A new take on Mul-T-Lock’s telescopic “pin-within-a-pin” technology to create a double shear line.


The plastic head has a new double molding design which reinforces the fact that these locks are pick, tamper, bump, and drill resistant.

Unprecedented Key Control with Special Authorization Cards

MT5+ has the newest patent in the world of high security and offers maximum key control. A magnetic key authorization card must be swiped on the machine for any keys to be generated. In addition, Guardian Angel Locksmith has a unique keyway that restricts other locksmith to make duplicate keys. The keys you possess with MT5+ are unique, the highest level of security, and exclusive.

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***NEW*** Mul-T-Lock TECHNOLOGY!

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