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Emergency Exit Device

Exit Alarms

Exit alarms are defined as devices used to observe exits through monitored areas. They are commonly used by businesses such as retail stores and restaurants. In case of a fire, exit alarms provide emergency exits for customers and employees.

Exit alarms are used in locations where locking a door would violate fire code, but leaving it unsecured would breach security. Exit alarm products are available either with or without locking devices included. Through the use of sensors, typically contact or movement based, chimes or alarms notify the user that an exit was used.

Emergency Exit Device

Panic Devices

A panic device, or as some people like to call them “crash bars”, is defined as a door-locking assembly that can be released quickly by applying pressure on a horizontal bar Fire inspectors often require for panic hardware to be installed in public locations where groups of people usually come together. Panic devices are only installed on out-swinging doors, and must open freely when anyone presses against the door.

A professional locksmith should be familiar with local requirements and can select and install the right product to protect your property and ensure the safety of all guests.

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