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Panic Hardware

An exit device, also known as a panic device or crash bar, is designed to unlock a door during an emergency. Exit devices are installed on exit doors to make it quicker and easier to leave a building. The exit device contains a metal bar with springs that fixes horizontally to the inside of an outward opening door. When pushed or depressed, the lever activates a mechanism that unlatches the door, which allows people to leave the building quickly. Thanks to the exit device’s fast-acting mechanism, it reduces the risk that rushing people may have during an emergency, allowing them to push the door open easily.

Exit devices can be made suitable for different types of doors, including wood, metal, and aluminum frame doors. Exit devices can also come with a variety of electronic and security features. Most come equipped with alarms to prevent people from avoiding to pay for a tab or stealing. Because of its easy to use push bar, exit devices are seen in many places such as malls, city buildings, restaurants, schools, etc.

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