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Guardian Angel Motorcycle Locksmith can help you when you have lost your keys, need a duplicate made or need a key cut by code. We specialize in tubular keys for motorcycles. If you have lost your keys and need keys made by impression Guardian Angel Motorcycle Locksmith has the solution for you.


Motorcycle Locksmith Services Include:

  • Motorcycle Locksmith Key Replacement Service for Most Makes and models of Motorcycles, Cycles, and Scooters.
  • Motorcycle Locksmith Security Locks Removed
  • Motorcycle LocksmithFork Locks
  • Pad Locks
  • Motorcycle Locksmith Disc Brake Locks
  • Broken Motorcycle Keys Removed
  • Motorcycle Gas Caps
  • Motorcycle Locksmith Seat Locks
  • Motorcycle Locksmith Locks Repaired
  • Do you have a lost Motorcycle Key ?
  • Need a Custom Motorcycle Key in a jiffy ?
  • We do all this and more, just ask.

Guardian Angel Motorcycle Locksmith tips to help immobilize your ride:

* Select a motorcycle lock made of steel for the best protection.

* Lock the forks of the bike with large, brightly tagged locking devices. If the bike is obviously protected, a thief may be less likely to risk detection by damaging the motorcycle to get it moving.

* A U-shackle is a motorcycle lock made of stainless steel shaped in a “U”. It’s attached to the wheels using a clamping mechanism and can only be opened with a key. The U-shape conforms to the wheel firm, so the wheel can’t physically rotate.

* A disc brake motorcycle lock is a small device that uses a cylinder lock. The lock is pressed in to secure it to the inner portion of the wheel.

* A cable or chain motorcycle lock, made of steel, can be coiled around the wheels and attached to an immovable object, such as a post. The ends are secured together with a padlock. Since padlocks can be snipped with bolt cutters, buy a top-of-the-line padlock, made of the most resilient material available, and position it in such a way that makes it difficult to reach.

Another tip for securing your motorcycle involves strength in numbers. Many motorcyclists ride in groups, and locking the motorcycles together is a great way to protect them all.

Call Guardian Angel Locksmith for more information regarding your security needs and we’ll get right to work!

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