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Keys by Code or Duplication

House keys, car keys, customized keys, locks, safes we’ve got it all at Guardian Angel Locksmith. Name any variety of locks or keys that you need, and we are guaranteed to have them.

Here’s a list of the different types of keys we have:

Transponder Keys:

A transponder is an electronic key for cars with circuits for emitting signals that are built inside. When the key is turned into ignition, the cars computer sends a radio signal to the transponder keys circuit, which is energized by the radio. the circuits computer chip responds by sending a coded signal back to the cars computer. If the code is wrong or the circuit does not respond, than the engine will not start. These vehicle keys are also known as chip keys, which are used to prevent thieves from breaking into your car. These keys are also very hard to duplicate, which results in it being difficult for people making a copy of it and stealing your car.

Skeleton Keys:

A skeleton key is a very simple key with a cylindrical shaped shaft with a single toothed end that opens up warded locks. A skeleton key can be cut or filed so it can open several warded locks. this is usually done by mostly removing the center area of the key. This lets the key pass though the warded locks without interference to lock or unlock the lock. To avoid this lock-makers place wards on the outside, making it harder to create a successful skeleton key.

Tubular Keys:

A tubular key is a miniature key with a hollow cylindrical shaft that is used to open tubular pin tumbler locks. Modern tubular keys have grooves of different lengths are built on the outer surface at the end of the shaft. These grooves are aligned to the shaft and let the pins in the lock to slide to the end of the groove. A small tab on the outside surface of the shaft stops the pins in the lock from shoving the key out and works with the hollowed center to lead the key as it is turned. These keys are most often used to open vending machines, bike locks, etc. These keys are usually harder to copy than normal tumbler keys because it is less common and a different machine is needed from regular keys.

Proximity Key Cards and Fobs:

A keycard is a small, flat card, similar to the size of a credit card. Keycards are inserted into a mechanism that is placed on the door to unlock it. The mechanism scans the digital or physical inscription, which is usually placed on a magnetized strip on the keycard. The mechanism than accepts the keycard by disengaing the lock if it is the correct inscription for the mechanism. Keycards are most often used in hotels to get into rooms.

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